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Best Ways to Make Sex Last Longer by cheap escorts

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Naturally, most men reach orgasm with ease. What’s more, premature ejaculation is a common sexual problem among men. As such, many women are mostly unsatisfied whenever they have sex with men that don’t know how to last longer in bed. This is a real let-down for couples that want to have more fun. Premature ejaculation is also the reason why a man may be afraid of booking a hot cheap escorts. Nevertheless, it’s possible for any couple to make sex last longer.

Here are some of the ways to do that.

Taking it Slow

To last longer in bed, start slow. Essentially, a man should aim for a single thrust after few seconds and gradually, take it a notch higher by having a thrust with every second. When the man feels like he is about to ejaculate, he should stop for a few seconds till he is in control and start again.

Doing it More Often

Vigorous foreplay works wonders. In addition to making you orgasm, foreplay can make you cum again when having sex. However, getting a man ejaculate before the actual sex can delay his finish line. Recharge can take time. This means the woman will have enough time to get satisfied.

Practice Pelvic Floor Exercises

Engage in Kegels, the exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles while enhancing orgasm chances. These exercises are great for treating premature ejaculation in a man. Engage in these exercises with your partner to enjoy their full benefits.

Use Condoms

According to cheap escorts sex feels different with a condom. That’s why many men don’t like using condoms when having sex. The sensations on the penis are slightly weaker. This translates to longer sessions in bed.

Switch Sex Positions

Perhaps, your man has a move that he always prefer when having sex. Consider switching it up. For instance, start with a missionary best sex position then switch to girl on top after some time. This will help your man delay the finale.

Focus on Your Partner’s Pleasure

If things get heavy and hot for your penis, take a step back by paying more attention to the pleasure of your partner. If you stop focusing on the same thing when you realize how close you are to orgasm, you will slow things down. Therefore, chill a little bit before you start again.

Train to Las Long in Bed

Sex endurance conditioning can make you last longer in bed. Think of it like going to a gym when you want to become stronger. This will work especially if the man in question does not masturbate.

Basically, these are some of the best ways to make sex last longer. Try them out with your partner to improve your sex life.

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