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3 Sexy Things To Do With Him When He’s Around

Do you think that you know what a man likes when it comes to sexy things to do with him? Have you tried doing some of them on him and he turned you down cold? Well, you have not seen the last of your relationship with a man, if you want to keep it and make him yours then you need to learn these four hot sizzling tips that are sure to make him want you even more. Here they are!

The first thing you need to know is that men love watching women make a spectacle out of themselves. When he’s seeing things happening around him, he wants to be right there with the show. It may sound silly but its not. Men really love when their partners can be flaunted and make them look like a spectacle. Show him what you can do when he is not around by making yourself one of the most eye catching women around.

The second thing you can do when he is not around is to make sure that you take some time alone with him. Sure, your relationship is growing stronger day by day but your needs should also grow. You need to let your man see how important he is to you. Give him some space. If you will leave him now, he would feel that he has taken away something very important from you.

Make sure that you give him as much attention as you can even when you are with him. This will show him that you still care and so will he. He will realize that he is not all that useless and that he can actually have you. If you make yourself scarce then he would start wondering what is missing from your life and would desperately look for it.

Thirdly, make sure that you are always positive. No matter what. Even if you are not in the mood do not ever think negatively. Be sure that you focus on the positive things that he brings into your life every single day. The moment he realizes that you are happy and positive then he would be happy too.

These are just three of the many sexy things to do with him when he’s around. If you want to be a better lover, make sure you do all these things. Be sure to always look your best around him and keep his interest. And most of all…HAVE FUN!


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